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Seasonal Allergies Got You Down?

Whether you are battling with seasonal allergies, recovering from the flu or anything in between, don't let another day go by without adding this recipe into your regimen.


cup of your favorite tea (hot but not boiling)

freshly squeezed juice of an organic lemon

(don't forget to throw a wedge or two in)

raw, local honey (Georgia Gold of course)

1 tbsp of unfiltered, apple cider vinegar

pinch of cinnamon

Make a cup first thing in the morning and make one just before bed to help soothe a sore throat and boost your immune system. Be sure to add this regimen only after consulting with your physician about your sickness or any health concerns that you may have. This should not be taken as medical advice as we are not doctors, but is only a supplement to whatever healthcare regimen YOUR doctor prescribes.

Contact us for all of your honey needs! We still have some stock left from this year as well as lemons freshly harvested from our trees! Let us know if you would like to purchase some. We only grow meyer lemons and they are delicious!

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